There Is No Turning Back!

There Is No Turning Back!

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A World Overrun by Monsters

An anxiety-provoking roguelike survival RNG full of pixel horrors and dwindling supplies

Unknown Dangers Lurk in Shadow

Learn from your mistakes, study your foes, save those you can, and keep pushing forward

Become a Light in the Darkness

Unlock abilities and outsmart your enemies to better survive in this hostile, uncertain world

About The Game

There Is No Turning Back! is a roguelike survival RNG that reveals your true nature as you face increasingly nerve-wracking maps of monsters and darkness. Will you fight through the hordes of enemies, rescuing survivors along the way? Or will you quietly run alone, protecting your precious resources? When the lights go out, and the monsters approach, it's too late to stop and turnaround. You must keep going. There turning back.

After waking up in a world overrun by monsters you must decide what kind of survivor you are. With the choice to fight back or evade, you will endure dwindling resources and ever-persistent enemies. Exploration and rescuing helpless survivors can bring you great rewards, but puts your very life in danger. Build defenses to help you escape while saving enough to keep you alive while you search for the next way out. Unlock player abilities and try new strategies. But, in this uncertain world with mounting pressure from beasts and bad guys closing in, your best bet for survival is to study everyone's moves, learn from your mistakes, save everyone and learn their skills, and keep pushing forward.


Unique Characters


Different Enemies


Randomizing Levels

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There Is No Turning Back!

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